015: Summer

Checking in to say that I haven’t abandoned my blog just yet. It’s been a very busy Summer. When I’m not turning into a puddle, I’m working (perspiration usually pairs with this). And when I’m not working, I’m zoning and trying to reel my focus back in, this may or may not include a few episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen, because I can not get enough of people trying to make soup using a cookie sheet, bless their hearts.

This weekend I’m headed to Newland, NC to visit my Grandpa. I wish I could stay longer because the weather is never higher than 70 degrees it seems. I’m excited to see some mountains (he lives on the outskirts of the Cherokee National Forest, placed upon one of the smaller mountains.) I’ve been counting down the days until I have some silence and I can see the stars properly. I’m currently crossing my fingers that this Delta Airlines meltdown doesn’t dash my flight plans, I don’t think it will…but you never know.

Currently, I’ve been going through ways that I can use this platform to benefit others, and I’m going to start rolling out some posts of that kind after I return from my trip.

Until then…


014: Technical

I had an incredibly busy week, and it seems like a total blur at the moment. It was 80% work and 20% play, which is good enough:

+ + +

I finally set up my sewing machine. Yes, the one I got for Christmas has been opened a whole 5-ish months later. I was holding out until the furniture in the apartment had been arranged more neatly and I think it’s getting there (it’s essentially like musical chairs, except with almost every bookshelf, desk and couch in the place). The dining room table has been set in it’s final resting place for now, so I felt okay enough with placing my machine there.


I haven’t touched an actual sewing machine in 7 years, and it only took me 30 minutes to set up, so..not bad! I’m still a fan of sewing by hand when I can, but I can’t deny the ease of not spending an hour sewing up a shirt, and not to mention all of those stitch options!

+ + +

I don’t know how to work a jukebox. Of course, I do now. The 3+ beers didn’t help, but it’s not an excuse. I’ve never used a jukebox before, and you can think less of me if you want to go that route, I’ve just never encountered a time or place where I could use one. So my 7 credits that Roy had left over for me and my perfect playlist of The Cure, Suede, and that one Grandaddy song (you know the one), never happened. Instead, it was a selection of the first songs in the very long selection…which was mostly blues.

+ + +

The crowning moment of the weekend, Esplendor Geometrico + Dive played at Rough Trade.


I have faith that NYC (or at least the people most likely to attend these shows) aren’t all dead inside. I’ve never seen a crowd so into a show in recent times, no crossed arms here! Both acts played amazing sets, and it’s a show I’m not likely to forget anytime soon. It’s Tuesday evening here, and I’m still reeling both physically and mentally from Sunday night. More of this please!

Until next time…

013: Locks


I’m stuck in a hair rut and I’m masking all of it’s imperfections with some good ol’ fashioned black and white.

This marks attempt number 4 of growing out the black hair dye paired with a strong effort to not just default back to a bob haircut. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bob! It’s very convenient for the warm weather and dare I say, I wear it well. But I’m just itching for a change, and I miss having longer hair. I got my first bob hair cut when I moved to NYC in 2013, and it’s been fairly short every since. I don’t think I’ve had hair past my shoulders since that initial (and I’ll say life changing) haircut.

So far, I’ve done okay. I haven’t had a huge haircut since August of last year, I’ve just been growing it out with trims here and there. At the moment I’m very into just leaving my hair alone. I don’t own a real hair brush. I have a pick that I use to untangle before and after a shower, but that’s about it. I just let it do it’s own thing.

I’ve been using the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In, and that stuff is the real deal and I’m very obsessed with it. I have thick, textured hair and I want to marry this leave-in.

I haven’t touched my flat iron in a few months, and I’ve only used a blow dryer when my hair is damp and I need to leave the house immediately.

So according to my calculations and to every “How to Get Long Hair” article on the internet, I’m on my way to glorious locks in no time. And by no time, I mean like a year from now. I’m a patient person, and I don’t know shit about extensions, so this is as good as it gets.

Until next time…

012: Holy Holy

I just spent a great weekend helping out my friend, Nikki, with her first craft fair expo.

She had a table full of her leather goods which ranged from customized fashion harness pieces, to wallets, crowns, cuffs, bracelets, and her beautiful off-the-grid purses. You can find more of her work, including contact and commission info here, and her new FB page is located here.

It was…an experience. I don’t want the negative things to overpower this post, but it’s weird to go to a place and immediately feel like you’re in high school again. Adults had no problem staring or blatantly making rude comments. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled with my Brooklyn surroundings, but maybe not. I remember being in Florida, probably at the height of my trying-too-hard teen goth phase, and no one said a word to me. You can only handle it with your head held high and almost pity their life and their attitudes.

But like I said, I’m focusing on the positive. Lots of good folks helped us out, gave Nikki tips, networked, and so on and so forth. We have to help one another, you don’t get anywhere in life by being a complete asshole (well, maybe sometimes you do, but you’re still an asshole.)

I enjoyed perusing the fairgrounds as well, and it was HUGE, featuring over 320 vendors all from Connecticut. I ended up buying more things than I realized. I can’t say “No” to tiki drink scented goat soap, and I promise that it smells so much better than that sentence implies.


It was abnormally chilly on Sunday, so I bought a scarf and a purple assymetrical shawl, beautifully crafted by Renn’s Recreations. Renn was a great and positive force at the fair, and her stuff is top notch quality.

Support local, support handmade, we can’t do this alone.


On Sunday after the show: We took a brief trip to the abandoned Christian theme park Holy Land, once incredibly active in the 60’s and 70’s with a supposed 40,000 visitors annually, it closed in 1984. The owner intended to expand the park, but he passed away in 1986. The property was left to the Sisters of St. Lucy Filippini.

I wish we had more time to explore it, and I definitely plan on returning. The property is huge and on top of a mountain (you can see the cross from Nikki’s house).









Truly, a perfect Sunday afternoon activity.


Until next time…


011: Transmit


(Photo taken by me, January 2016, somewhere in Brooklyn.)

It’s been a long time since I’ve given this particular corner attention. I’ve been busy to the point of losing sleep. On my weekends (or whatever I’ve sanctioned as such) the computer is the last thing I want to turn to after being in front of it for a week.

I find that it’s a bit useless to do a catch-up, but just know that I’ve been cracking many books lately and going on plenty of adventures. Life has been happening consistently, briefly pausing for a vegetative TV state (damn you, House of Cards.) I bought a stone-colored house robe to cocooon myself in. I’ve been searching for my version of Adam’s robe from Only Lovers Left Alive, only to find that floor length robes are a little hard to come by, and that’s fine. I think knee-lengthy is more preferable for what I’m sure will be a strange Summer. (Strange, meaning hotter than what I’ve experienced if this Spring has anything to teach me.)

I miss documenting and sharing things in a consistent long form. It’s something my particular generation has been almost trained to do through Xangas, Livejournals, Deadjournals, some website that has ‘dream’ in the URL. Many and more…

(Dreamwidth, the website was/is Dreamwidth. The revolt to LJ’s Russian invasion.)

So I’m resuscitating in hopes that I will show a more productive side. Roy bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I’ve been antsy to use it, staying in my safe zone of sketches and ideas. I’m shucking my shyness like a stubborn shellfish. Is that process difficult? Do you think the result would be worth it if it were? It’s gotta!

Until then, same Delz time, same Delz channel…



009: In del Toro We Trust


[Warning: May contain some spoilery content.]

My first hand experience of the complaints of Crimson Peak range from “messy plot” to “not scary” and the ever popular with del Toro films “He should stick to indie flicks.” I’ve given myself some time to ponder over the movie, and I wonder if it’s wrong that the filmmaker trusted the audience too much, that we can’t discern a horror story from a ghost story? Can you solely blame the marketing in this case?

In both cases, I disagree. I think it was a bold move to bring a story like this to a mainstream audience that’s been deadened by what seems like countless Paranormal Activity sequels and continuous gore. Crimson Peak isn’t frightening. If anything, it’s tense, and peppered with a few toe-curling scenes and lots of practical effects (From del Toro’s twitter: “ALL except for one are entirely REAL actors in prosthetics IN SITU w digital touches.”)


A discussion with a friend brought up a great point, that this story may have done better in a serial setting, think Penny Dreadful. There’s so much backstory to Thomas and Lucille Sharpe, that the audience only got a shallow taste of what their lives were before their demise. In fact, it was the case for most of the characters. In an attempt to cram all of this backstory into a singular movie, it seemed to have left a lot wanting, especially in the case of Edith Cushing’s character. This is where the movie falls it’s flattest.

On the case of marketing, it’s a typical move and not one that the audience should find shocking. It’s meant to get people to the seats whether they enjoy it or not. Personally, I’m rarely completely convinced from watching a movie trailer. I think I had decided I wanted to see this film solely on the fact that it was a del Toro creation.


The resounding praise being handed is the set and costume design, and it’s not for nothing. The movie is set mainly in the decaying Allerdale Hall. The characteristics of the set are the perfect home for it’s ghosts and very important for the type of story that del Toro was trying to convey.

All of this aside, I truly enjoyed watching this movie as I stomached it’s flaws. Crimson Peak is not perfect, but it’s a fun and beautiful ride. Rating: 7/10.