014: Technical

I had an incredibly busy week, and it seems like a total blur at the moment. It was 80% work and 20% play, which is good enough:

+ + +

I finally set up my sewing machine. Yes, the one I got for Christmas has been opened a whole 5-ish months later. I was holding out until the furniture in the apartment had been arranged more neatly and I think it’s getting there (it’s essentially like musical chairs, except with almost every bookshelf, desk and couch in the place). The dining room table has been set in it’s final resting place for now, so I felt okay enough with placing my machine there.


I haven’t touched an actual sewing machine in 7 years, and it only took me 30 minutes to set up, so..not bad! I’m still a fan of sewing by hand when I can, but I can’t deny the ease of not spending an hour sewing up a shirt, and not to mention all of those stitch options!

+ + +

I don’t know how to work a jukebox. Of course, I do now. The 3+ beers didn’t help, but it’s not an excuse. I’ve never used a jukebox before, and you can think less of me if you want to go that route, I’ve just never encountered a time or place where I could use one. So my 7 credits that Roy had left over for me and my perfect playlist of The Cure, Suede, and that one Grandaddy song (you know the one), never happened. Instead, it was a selection of the first songs in the very long selection…which was mostly blues.

+ + +

The crowning moment of the weekend, Esplendor Geometrico + Dive played at Rough Trade.


I have faith that NYC (or at least the people most likely to attend these shows) aren’t all dead inside. I’ve never seen a crowd so into a show in recent times, no crossed arms here! Both acts played amazing sets, and it’s a show I’m not likely to forget anytime soon. It’s Tuesday evening here, and I’m still reeling both physically and mentally from Sunday night. More of this please!

Until next time…


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