011: Transmit


(Photo taken by me, January 2016, somewhere in Brooklyn.)

It’s been a long time since I’ve given this particular corner attention. I’ve been busy to the point of losing sleep. On my weekends (or whatever I’ve sanctioned as such) the computer is the last thing I want to turn to after being in front of it for a week.

I find that it’s a bit useless to do a catch-up, but just know that I’ve been cracking many books lately and going on plenty of adventures. Life has been happening consistently, briefly pausing for a vegetative TV state (damn you, House of Cards.) I bought a stone-colored house robe to cocooon myself in. I’ve been searching for my version of Adam’s robe from Only Lovers Left Alive, only to find that floor length robes are a little hard to come by, and that’s fine. I think knee-lengthy is more preferable for what I’m sure will be a strange Summer. (Strange, meaning hotter than what I’ve experienced if this Spring has anything to teach me.)

I miss documenting and sharing things in a consistent long form. It’s something my particular generation has been almost trained to do through Xangas, Livejournals, Deadjournals, some website that has ‘dream’ in the URL. Many and more…

(Dreamwidth, the website was/is Dreamwidth. The revolt to LJ’s Russian invasion.)

So I’m resuscitating in hopes that I will show a more productive side. Roy bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I’ve been antsy to use it, staying in my safe zone of sketches and ideas. I’m shucking my shyness like a stubborn shellfish. Is that process difficult? Do you think the result would be worth it if it were? It’s gotta!

Until then, same Delz time, same Delz channel…




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