006: All Souls


(Sister Louisa’s, Atlanta, GA)

I just took a moment to glance at a calendar of events coming up, and I figured I’d make an effort to update here before I trip over my feet even more. It is on the cusp of October, last night a cloudy Super Moon occurred, and the coming month is going to be a little insane. Lots of shows, the last convention of the season, and my favorite time of the year… So let’s muster up a hasty reflection on what has happened since the last time I promised an update!

I attended DragonCon. Listen, this could be a whole post (or two) in itself. It was my fifth (or sixth..?) year attending it, and they continue to be more strange and more fun. I find it a little bit of an overshare to detail my weekend, but rest easy knowing that I had fun about 80% of the time. On the last day I made a mad dash over to the dealer’s room, which was an organized (yet still mob-worthy) little mini-mall, and threw a lot of money at my beloved BPAL. In a perfect world, I’d have even more money to expand my collection of their charming scents (and even more room to store their cute apothecary vials). I’ve satiated my want for now, and when I say that, I mean until next week when I make another mad dash over to their booth at NYCC and peruse their Halloween collection.


(From DragonCon: Shelley, Byron, and Keats – O – Blood)

I made my first trip to the American Museum of Natural History. I’ve lived in New York a few years and there are still a ton of places I’ve yet to visit. Truthfully, I’ve been spending a lot of my time in Brooklyn and I’m constantly discovering things naturally. But once in a while, I like to check The List and tick something off. Unfortunately, the planetarium was closed until November, but it’s not like I won’t be back here. I paid more of my attentions to the dinosaurs and ocean creatures…


(Both creepy and crawly.)

Between then and now I’ve been busy, but I’ve also had some glorious time off, and I got to see Severed Heads and Statiqbloom, which was such a treat. Oddly enough, my first trip to Rough Trade, and I only wish that more shows I’d attend were held there.


(I’m somewhere in there. Severed Heads at Rough Trade, photo from BrooklynVegan. More here!)

On that note, October is a month where I’m going to need to just keep my calendar open at all times. Things coming up: The March Violets, IAMX, the complete revival of my wardrobe, called-for-debauchery, uncalled-for-debauchery, New York Comic Con, Babes in Toyland, Azar Swan, and Halloween! Guest starring: fulfillment and exhaustion.

Until then…


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