015: Summer

Checking in to say that I haven’t abandoned my blog just yet. It’s been a very busy Summer. When I’m not turning into a puddle, I’m working (perspiration usually pairs with this). And when I’m not working, I’m zoning and trying to reel my focus back in, this may or may not include a few episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen, because I can not get enough of people trying to make soup using a cookie sheet, bless their hearts.

This weekend I’m headed to Newland, NC to visit my Grandpa. I wish I could stay longer because the weather is never higher than 70 degrees it seems. I’m excited to see some mountains (he lives on the outskirts of the Cherokee National Forest, placed upon one of the smaller mountains.) I’ve been counting down the days until I have some silence and I can see the stars properly. I’m currently crossing my fingers that this Delta Airlines meltdown doesn’t dash my flight plans, I don’t think it will…but you never know.

Currently, I’ve been going through ways that I can use this platform to benefit others, and I’m going to start rolling out some posts of that kind after I return from my trip.

Until then…


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