013: Locks


I’m stuck in a hair rut and I’m masking all of it’s imperfections with some good ol’ fashioned black and white.

This marks attempt number 4 of growing out the black hair dye paired with a strong effort to not just default back to a bob haircut. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bob! It’s very convenient for the warm weather and dare I say, I wear it well. But I’m just itching for a change, and I miss having longer hair. I got my first bob hair cut when I moved to NYC in 2013, and it’s been fairly short every since. I don’t think I’ve had hair past my shoulders since that initial (and I’ll say life changing) haircut.

So far, I’ve done okay. I haven’t had a huge haircut since August of last year, I’ve just been growing it out with trims here and there. At the moment I’m very into just leaving my hair alone. I don’t own a real hair brush. I have a pick that I use to untangle before and after a shower, but that’s about it. I just let it do it’s own thing.

I’ve been using the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In, and that stuff is the real deal and I’m very obsessed with it. I have thick, textured hair and I want to marry this leave-in.

I haven’t touched my flat iron in a few months, and I’ve only used a blow dryer when my hair is damp and I need to leave the house immediately.

So according to my calculations and to every “How to Get Long Hair” article on the internet, I’m on my way to glorious locks in no time. And by no time, I mean like a year from now. I’m a patient person, and I don’t know shit about extensions, so this is as good as it gets.

Until next time…


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