008: NYCC


In an extremely rare instance, I was free of my usual anchored work and table duties this weekend and I was able to attend New York Comic-Con. It just ended yesterday, but it already seems like a blur. I’ll try to make this post as easy to follow as possible, let’s go!


Thursday: Arrived a little late for the convention due to the anomalous zero responsibility I had to be there before 10AM. Nikki and I showed up around 3PM and left an hour after getting there. We had to book it back to Brooklyn for the Robot Chicken Season 8 Party where they premiered their third DC Comics special, which was great and premieres publicly soon!


Friday: Had the chance to walk around the con floor and made a stop at the Martha Rotten Jewelry booth. Francene crafts amazing jewelry, and I own several of her pieces (Victorian Baby ring, raven claw necklace, and the large chicken bone hoop earrings.) Needless to say her booth was as delightfully wicked as her jewelry, and it was a welcome sight amidst what seemed like over 50 booths of toys.



I’m impressed with myself for walking away without purchasing anything (this is only because of my upcoming vacation), but she had some lovely new pieces displayed like the palm bark bangles.

We also got a chance to hit up the [adult swim] panel block (The Venture Bros., Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter, and Robot Chicken.) This turned out to be the only panel(s) that we attended at the con. NYCC is weird, in the manner that there’s a lot (I mean rivaling SDCC at this point) of people in attendance and not a lot of panel programming. This makes for a consistently crowded exhibit floor and artist alley. The main stage isn’t very big compared to other conventions, but it is cleared out after every panel and requires a wrist band that you have to attain beforehand to enter (which is smart). However, the smaller panel rooms are not cleared, so you can be waiting in line near the front but you may be turned away due to the amount of people in the room already.

I have a feeling that this con will be different next year. This year marked the first time that a subway line went to the convention center (the brand new 34 st – Hudson Yard stop on the 7). With this comes rows of hotels that are under construction at the moment, and they are fitted with ballrooms with I’m sure will be used for NYCC in the same way SDCC uses hotel ballrooms for bigger panels. At any rate, the [adult swim] panel block was the only thing we truly cared about seeing, as far as panels go.


I rounded out my Friday by getting rained on while waiting in line for some mac and cheese, breaking my shoes (which were fixed when I got home), and stumbling upon a photo booth which I apparently blended into.

Saturday: Consisted of more show floor exploring–


And then in the evening, we boarded the 2nd maiden voyage of the Adult Swim Tyrannic, which gave the opportunity for some beautiful views…





… and the most excessive waste of champagne that I’ve seen in an hour’s time (5 bottles, I counted).

Sunday: The definitive winding down of the convention, as it closed at 5PM. We made our final stop at the Tandy Leather Factory booth so Nikki could make some last minute purchases. By the way, they have excellent customer service. Any question Nikki presented about techniques or advice, they enthusiastically answered.

IMG_2727 IMG_2728

As we were dismissed from the convention, we waited for our last hurrah in the form of a live recording of We Got This. For those not familiar with the podcast, I’ll let them explain it: “Every week, Mark Gagliardi and Hal Lublin take the dumb issues in life that people care strongly about and settle the argument once and for all. No topic is too small or insignificant for them to dissect and decide! Whatever minutiae you argue with friends and family, don’t worry: We Got This“.

IMG_2778 IMG_2791

For this episode, the showdown was: Best Halloween Candy, and they were joined by John Hodgman in this VERY important discussion. I won’t spoil the result for you, but I can say, I agree with it.

NYCC was a weird and fun show to actually attend, and it seemed fitting that the last show of the con season is one that I’d get to participate in.

Now, I have to get back to brainstorming what to pack for my vacation to Vermont this upcoming weekend. Until next time…


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