002 : A Weekend Round-up

I encountered one of those fulfilling and busy “weekends” that start on Thursday and end Sunday evening. I’m exercising my skills in keeping it brief and to the point, so here we go!


Thursday: I liken a WEEP show to a meteor shower: It’s bright, magnificent, and if someone doesn’t tell you that it’s happening, you will most certainly miss it. And thankfully for myself, I have yet to miss a show of theirs on account of not knowing. A collage of shimmering post-punk, I’d suggest seeing them at least once to any fan of the genre. Their newest self-titled album is available to stream on Spotify, if that’s your thing.

Friday held promise of going out, but those plans were scrapped for a much better plan of staying in and watching Conan the Barbarian.

Honestly, that was probably a great plan because I ended up walking 7 miles all around the city on Saturday, from Brooklyn, to SoHo and it felt like everywhere in between. I met up with Nikki to get our auras photographed in Chinatown, which has been sort of a fun thing we’ve decided to do almost in a ritual manner to break from life and work.


I’ve noticed that whenever people post aura photos, they rarely go into what it means (or what they’re told it means). Maybe it’s very personal to them, or most likely they just wanted a cool photo. I go with both sides of this, but here is a little breakdown of what I was told the photo translates as:

  • The left hand side signifies the past two weeks (which makes sense as my last photo was completely red.) It reads as stressful (true) but fun (also true).
  • My face is very visible in the photo. This is not common with those who get enough sleep. Areas of the body that are affected with an illness or with pain are usually visible (my right knee was injured for the last photograph, and because of this the right side of my photo was a little transparent.)
  • The top and right signify the present and future, respectively, and they are yellow and yellow/green. Yellow stands for success and inspiration, while the green (noticeably faint) translates as a desire of change.

I won’t go too far into the personal relations of how I’m perceiving it, but it was definitely a spirit-lifter, and it also doubles as a pretty cool keepsake.

Galavanting around the city ensued as we enjoyed the more acceptable side of the Summer weather. I’m very much ready for Fall (44 days away!) but until then, I’m holding onto every little cool breeze that I get.


Sunday, Roy and I decided to pay a visit to Red Hook, which is among my favorite neighborhoods. It’s far removed and has excellent seafood. Also, apparently home to the best Irish Cream cocktail “in the known world”. I can’t really vouch for the rest of the word, but of the three Irish Cream cocktails I’ve tried in my life, this is probably the best.


(Irish Cream at Fort Defiance)

IMG_1002 IMG_1001


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