001 : Begin Again!

I’m making a quick post so my website doesn’t remain so ominously empty. Here’s my second attempt at getting back on the long-form writing horse, which is more like a wild stallion that I can’t seem to break in.

I can’t promise consistency between the times of my postings, but I can promise that they will all be written by yours truly (unless stated otherwise). I’ve been struggling with the construction of this website for about 3 months, trying to get the “feel” right, and trying to hash out why the hell I’m making this in the first place. I guess the answer is just that I love to share things. Places I visit, books I read, music I listen to, a display of my tastes.

I’m awful at Twitter (I loathe being restrained by a character count), Tumblr makes me lazy, Facebook has too many relatives and Buzzfeed lists on it for me to care about updating it often. So, retiring to a corner of the Internet to collect my thoughts feels like the best fit for something with structure.

I’m excited to do this, and I’m inspired to share again instead of hiding.


(Photo taken by me. I straightened up my desk for this momentous occasion. Why? I don’t know, seems to make sense to clear the mind and the environment to write anything.)


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